Berkut sweeps Euromaidan. The activists note that the rally is peaceful

At 1:00 a.m. Berkut began to clean Euromaidan from barricades. Maidan Nezalejnosti was surrounded by the soldiers. The protesters, in particular the teams of self-defense, are trying to resist them. The hard hats are brought to Euromaidan in large quantities.

At the entrance to Euromaidan, the perimeter of which is the surrounded by barricades, people are called on to drop the things that could be used in the clashes. In the evening 4,000 hard hats were brought to Maidan. As reported by the journalist of Radio Freedom, the activists note that the rally on Euromaidan is peaceful. The House of the Trade Unions is tightly surrounded by Berkut. The barricade in Bohdan Khmelnytsky Street was dismantled.

On the web page of the EU delegation in Ukraine in Facebook it is stated that two tents near Kiev City State Administration have already been demolished. The representatives of the EU delegation in Ukraine are attempting to get in touch with the people responsible for cleaning up the city from barricades in order to ask them not to use force against the peaceful rally participants.

The stage on Maidan still stays and the concert and the rally continue. At about 4:00 a.m. excerpts from the official statement by the Head of the European diplomacy of the EU Catherine Ashton were publicly read. It was also announced that there were girls near the stage. Live broadcast of the events in the Internet continues.

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