The The Ministry of Internal Affairs assures it did not use tear gas against protesters

The Ministry of Internal Affairs (MVD) of Ukraine calls on participants of protest actions not to give in to provocations and attempts to manipulate the public opinion.

According to the press office of the MVD, "there is information in the Internet that the special paddy vehicles were allegedly used by policemen to beat up aged people arrested during confrontations on Kiev’s Maidan Nezalejnosti. The MVD states that such messages are false and represent nothing more than an attempt of certain politicians to manipulate public opinion”.

The MVD calls on citizens not to give in to provocations and states: “The illegal actions against the law enforcement agencies will be recognized as organizing mass disorder”.

"The Interior Ministry officially informs that police and interior troops did not use tear gas or other riot weapons against the protesters during the event at Maidan Nezalejnosti. Municipal employees were performing landscaping activities around Maidan Nezalejnosti at night in order to avoid additional obstacles and inconvenience to traffic and citizens as the working week continues,” noted the Ministry.

At the same time, the MVD assures it will adequately react to any excessive use of the power granted by the Law of Ukraine “On Police”.

At 1 a.m. today Berkut riot police began to sweep EuroMaidan trying to tear down the barricades. Law enforcers surrounded Maidan Nezalejnosti. The protesters, in particular the self-defence units, are trying to resist. The traffic police blocked access roads to Kiev city center.

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