The main Christmas tree has been installed in Kharkov

Installation of the main Christmas tree of the city has been completed. According to Svetlana Dudenko, design director at Kharkov Council, the frame has been completed, the light bulbs and lighting devices are being tested now so that the experts may adjust light and color combinations. The official opening of the Christmas tree is scheduled for December 21.

The square will also be decorated with eight-meter Santa Claus and Snegurochka (Snow Maiden from the folk-tales); the figures are made in the shape of nested dolls. There also is a house for Santa Claus. It will open its doors on December 21. The Christmas Fair will start on December 15. The fairground tents will offer various holiday souvenirs, food and hot drinks to the city dwellers.

This year's Kharkov Christmas tree is 36 meters tall. It is decorated with over 60,000 light bulbs and lighting devices. The illumination will operate in three modes: festive, day and night. The Christmas tree control center will be provided with a 24/7 video surveillance from three points of Svoboda Square.

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