The officers of the State Traffic Police will be equipped with the new photo recorders

In the framework of the state program of increase of traffic safety the officers of the State Traffic Police may again be equipped with automatic photo recorders. Currently four new complexes with different parameters are being tested.

These suggestions were announced during the forum in Kiev. The following cases will be photo recorded in particular: driving on the contra-follow lane, over speeding, traffic on the crossroads with and without traffic lights. It is also supposed that that the car will be recorded while driving in the inhabited localities.

The system of photo recording is not new for the Ukrainian traffic police. Speed measuring device called “Vizir” implemented in 2008 caused objections among the citizens because the fines didn’t correspond to the real data. Currently the officers of the State Police are using the complexes called “Garpun”. However, these devices are now unacceptable for the officers. The work presupposes the contact with the driver and this may throw a shadow on the corruption aspect.

The new complexes have been worked out cooperatively by China, South Korea and Slovenia. Testing of the photo recorders takes place in Kiev and Sevastopol. Herewith implementation of the new models requires elaboration of the improved regulatory system. The biggest quantity of road traffic incidents is documented in the following regions: Odessa, Zaporozhe, Ternopol, Kherson and Khmelnitsky. Speed limit reinforcement will allow downsizing the accident situation on the road.

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