Russian and Ukrainian military football battle in Kerch

Russian and Ukrainian military football battle in Kerch

In Kerch, Kerch-stationed Marines and Russian military temporary based at a checkpoint in Stroigorodok held a football match. The friendly match “Sport for Peace” was won by Kerch Marines, who scored four goals.

The football field of the Republican boarding school welcomed the teams “Arsenal” (Kerch marines, military unit A-0669) and “Caspian” (Russian troops from the Caspian Sea coast). Each team consisted of six main and reserve players. Kerch troops were dressed in black-and-blue T-shirts; they also lent the Russian military the black-and-yellow uniform.

The initiative to hold the match belonged to Major Roman Malanchuk deputy head of battalion on weapons.

“Our troops had the idea to show the world that it is possible to resolve any conflicts or disputes not only by armed, but peacefully, too. For example, as we showed today on the football field: we competed for a soccer ball. Since we are at home, the fate was in our favour: 4:0, Ukraine Armed Forces win,” said Malanchuk.

Next match the Kerch Marines play in new uniforms - the commander promised them as a reward to players for the victory.


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