List of a possible new Ukrainian government circulates the Internet

The Internet has a list of the new government, as leaked by the sources in the Ukrainian parliament.

The list is a division of posts in the new government between the “UDAR”, “Svoboda” and “Batkivschyna” factions, according to “Versii” news outlet.

Below is a possible list tailored “for the Prime Minister Arseniy Yatsenyuk”.
Prime Minister — Arseniy Yatsenyuk (“Batkivschyna”)
First Deputy Prime Minister — Oleg Tyagnibok (“Svoboda”)
Deputy Prime Minister (European integration) — Vitali Klitchko (“UDAR”)
Deputy Prime Minister (Energy) — Nikolai Martynenko (“Batkivschyna”)
Ministry of Agrarian Policy and Food — Vitaliy Kovalchuk (“UDAR”)
Ministry of Interior — Arsen Avakov (“Batkivschyna”)
Ministry of Defense — Andrei Parubiy (“Batkivschyna”)
Ministry of Revenue and Duties — Alexandra Kuzhel (“Batkivschyna”)
Ministry of Ecology and Natural Resources — Irina Seh (“Svoboda”)
Ministry of Economic Development and Trade — Lesia Orobets (“Batkivschyna”)
Ministry of Foreign Affairs — Borys Tarasyuk (“Batkivschyna”)
Ministry of Culture — Bogdan Benyuk (“Svoboda”)
Ministry of Youth and Sports — Arthur Palatnyi (“UDAR”)
Ministry of Education — Irina Farion (“Svoboda”)
Ministry of Industrial Policy — Oksana Prodan (“UDAR”)
Ministry of Health — Olga Bohomolets (“UDAR” quota)
Ministry of Regional Development, Construction and Housing — Edward Gurwitz (“UDAR”)
Ministry of Social Policy — Lyudmila Denisova (“Batkivschyna”)
Ministry of Finance — Viktor Pynzenyk (“UDAR”)
Ministry of Justice — Andrei Mohnyk (“Svoboda”)

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