The USA will have to consider a petition about elimination of the Ukrainian radicals

By Sunday, February 9, the petition about elimination of radical political groups and assistance to the law enforcement authorities of Ukraine gained more than 100,000 signatures on the web site of the administration of the President of the USA. According to the rules of the web site, the White House should respond to all the appeals that exceed the threshold of 100,000 signatures. 30 days are given to collect the required number of votes.

The petition was posted on January 27. The official response to the petition should be published on the website of the White House.

In particular the petition stated that this appeal is connected with the inability of the Ukrainian authorities to suppress the armed resistance of the nationalist, terroristic organizations, as well as of other unions, provoking internal conflict and violence, tortures and murders of the Ukrainians.

The authors of the petition ask the USA «to participate in the elimination of radical groups, using the methods of American intelligence services on dispersal of the protesters of the rally «Capture the Wall Street.» In addition they require putting an end to the secret financing of radicals, organized, in their opinion, by the US embassy.

Елизавета Будько


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