The leader of The Brotherhood Dmitriy Korchinskiy was detained in Israel

The Ministry of Public Security of Israel informed about the detention of Korchinskiy.

After Korchinskiy was announced wanted for the organization of mass disturbances, he fled to Pridnestrovie. His last location, stated by the police, was Italy. And several days ago he arrived in Israel, where he was immediately detained by the local police.

After the message from the police of Israel, the Ministry of Internal Affairs (MVD) of Ukraine stated that he comes under the provisions of the law about amnesty. Korchinskiy was urgently withdrawn from the international wanted list and the documents were sent to Israel. After that the leader of The Brotherhood was released.

According to the TV channel TSN, Korchinskiy stated that he arrived in Israel «to pray to the shrines.» The police of Israeli do not comment on the information, and the acting chief of the Main Directorate of the MVD of Ukraine in Kiev region Valeriy Mazan noted that he is not informed about the detention of Korchinskiy.

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