Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine is preparing a law about abolition of the confidentiality of adoption

The Commissioner of the President for children’s rights Yuriy Pavlenko, stated that the law about abolition of confidentiality of adoption is being prepared. In the officials’ opinion, a child should know that he/she was adopted; the social workers will attend him/her and will monitor the family.

The authors of the initiative declare that anyway children sooner or later find out that they were adopted.  «If not to conceal the truth from the child since childhood, but to tell about it in a correct way, in the future the trauma is excluded, and the parents do not live in a state of constant fear that someone will learn about the adoption and will tell about it to their child. We plan to develop a brochure that will help parents to build up the conversation. In addition, currently the couples, who want to adopt a child, may attend special courses, and with the approval of the law it will become an obligatory condition. The provisions of a law will not be applicable to the previously adopted children,» Pavlenko said.

Дмитрий Майдан


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