The Prime Minister of Poland: Ukraine should not expect financial assistance from the EU

The Prime Minister of Poland Donald Tusk stated that the European Union does not intend to provide any substantial financial assistance to Ukraine.

«Ukraine should not expect that Europe booked any significant resources for it. The ongoing political crisis and the possible escalation of the conflict make it impossible to allocate any funds for Ukraine at all,» the head of Polish government stated.

Other European politicians made similar statements. Thus, for example, the European Commissioner Stefan Füle repeatedly stated that in order to get financial assistance Ukraine needed to fulfill a number of categorical requirements of the EU and of the IMF, in particular, to implement political and economic reforms, to change the electoral legislation and the course of foreign policy.

Such a position is shared by the other politicians; in particular the President of the European Commission José Manuel Barroso directly identified that: «The EU does not intend to pay Ukraine for the signing of the Association Agreement with the EU, and the EU countries will not take part in the «auction» for the signing of the Association Agreement and for the creation of the free trade zone with Ukraine.»

Елизавета Будько


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