Ukrainians will feel the economic consequences of Euromaidan the next month — a sociologist

Within a month Ukrainians will feel the consequences of the political unrest in Ukraine. This was stated during a round table «Economic consequences of the political crisis in Ukraine,» by sociologist Yevgeni Kopatko.

«If the situation continues to develop in this way, the political destabilization means risks for all, especially for the small and medium business, these companies will be first to react. Because the production is being phased down. Within a month, you will see the first non-payments of salary,» said Kopatko. According to the expert, particularly dangerous situation has been formed in the regions where protesters seized government buildings. There is a risk of delay in social benefits and salaries to state employees.

Kopatko said that the current political standoff demands fastest settlement, otherwise the country will slide into a heavy economic downturn.

«Now we should thank Russia because they postponed the default and economic problems that otherwise would have overlapped with our political crisis. But if the situation will develop in this way, there will be no-one to look for innocent and the guilty,» said the sociologist.

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