Future of Europe is determined in Ukraine, believes the US

US and EU sympathize with the Ukrainian people’s «fight for a democratic European future,» said US State Secretary John Kerry on Munich Security Summit.

«The vast majority of Ukrainians thrive to live freely in a safe and prosperous country. They are fighting for the right to associate with partners who will help them realize their aspirations,» said Kerry, speaking at the Summit.

He stressed that the US and the EU «stand with the Ukrainian people in this fight».

«Russia and other countries should not view the European integration of their neighbors as a zero-sum game. In fact, the lesson of the last half-century is that we can accomplish much more when the United States, Russia, and Europe work together,» stressed Kerry.

On the sidelines of the Summit, Kerry plans to meet with Ukrainian opposition leaders Vitali Klitchko and Arseniy Yatsenyuk, though the official Ukrainian delegation is headed by Foreign Minister Leonid Kozhara.

Виктор Другоруб


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