Tyhypko is for dissolution of Rada

Tyhypko is for dissolution of Rada

The deputy - member of the Party of Regions - Sergey Tyhypko considers that Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine deserves to be dissolved unless the parliamentary majority and the opposition are able to reach an agreement.

"If we are not able to reach the agreement, we deserve all deserve to be dissolved," he told to the journalists.

When the reporters remarked that the parliament would not be dissolved since the vote on the amnesty law had taken place, Tyhypko replied, "It will be dissolved".

When the journalists have mentioned that the deputies obeyed and voted for the law of Yury Miroshnichenko, Tyhypko said, "I think that it is necessary to dissolve us".

Tyhypko confirmed that he had also voted for the bill.


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