Yanukovych is on the sick leave after the session of Verkhovna Rada, where he threatened to dissolve the parliament

The deputy head of the State Administration on Medical Issues Aleksandr Orda informed that the President of Ukraine Viktor Yanukovych is on a sick leave.

Previously the President held a meeting of the parliamentary faction of the Party of Regions. During the meeting of the group Viktor Yanukovych stated that he would declare early parliamentary elections in Ukraine, if the opposition and the government is not be able to come to an agreement in the nearest weeks.

The people’s deputy from the Party of Regions Vladimir Oliynyk, stated that during the meeting Yanukovych warned the members of the group, that he received a lot of applications concerning the early parliamentary elections. «There is a concrete plan of actions and the agreed project of the law about the amnesty, which stipulates the release of administrative institutions and it should be fulfilled,» Yanukovych declared.

Дмитрий Майдан


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